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Illustrated Books

  • Miller, Henry. The Amazing and Invariable Beauford DeLaney (reprint by The Studio Museum, 1978). New York: New Directions, 1941.
  • Freeman, Jill. Old News: Resurrection City. New York: Grossman Publishers, 1970.
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  • Lloyd, Tom, ed. Black Art Notes (not illustrated). New York: Amsterdam News, 1971.
  • Porter, James A. Modern Negro Art (first edition w/ 85 halftone plates). New York: Dryden Press, 1943.
  • Golden, Thelma. Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1994.
  • Harlem (1900-1940) An African-American Community (an exhibition portfolio). New York: The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 1991.
  • Freestyle. New York: The Studio Museum in Harlem, 2001.
  • Marshall, Richard. Jean-Michel Basquiat. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1992.

Sheet Music

  • My Lord, What A Mourning! (A Spiritual arranged by Ramon A. Martinez, autographed & letter). New York: The Martinez Music Co., 1962.
  • Johnson, James P. Yamekraw: Negro-Rhapsody. New York: Perry Bradford, 1927. (P)
  • Hold On. (Arranged by Hall Johnson). New York: Robbins Music Corp., 1930.
  • My Good Lord Done Been Here. (Arranged by Hall Johnson). New York: Carl Fischer, Inc., 1943.


  • Program: The Glee Club of Harlem Hospital School of Nursing/ Concert of Choral Works (theme: The Student Nurses Contribution to the Musical Arts). Sunday, April 7th, 1957.
  • Music Program: First Annual Pre-Easter Music Festival, The Third Moravian Church, 410 W. 45 St., NYC, Sunday, March 27, 1949.
  • Music Program: Pew Rally. St. Judes Chapel, Sunday, March 30, 1952


  • Pryor, Richard and Redd Foxx. Down and Dirty (Executive Producer: Louis Drozen). Los Angeles: Laff Records, 1975.
  • Pryor, Richard. Richard Pryor (recorded live at the Troubadour; Executive Producers: Hal Landers & Bobby Roberts). Beverly Hills: Dove records, (?).
  • Pryor, Richard. …is it something I said? (recorded live at The Latin Casino, Cherry Hill, NJ; Producer: David Banks). New York: Warner Bros. Records, 1975.
  • Ross, Diana. The Boss (signed autograph; produced by Ashford & Simpson). Hollywood: Motown Record Corp., 1979.
  • Baraka, Amiri, Jio Williams and Winston Sims. The Advanced Workers with the Anti-Imperialist Singers: (A) “You Was Dancin Need to be Marchin So You Can Dance Some More Later On”; (B) “Better Red Let Others Be Dead”. Newark: Peoples War Publishing, (?).
  • Joplin, Scott. Scott Joplin-1916: Classic Solos played by the King of Ragtime writers and others from Rare Piano Rolls(Produced: Arnold S. Caplin). New York: Biograph Records, 1971. (P)


  • (10) Large-format postcards: Harlem on My Mind: Cultural Capital of Black America 1900-1968/ Poets and Heroes. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1968.