Gay-Themed Americana


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  • Young, Ian. Double Exposure. Trumansburg: The Crossing Press, 1974.
  • Monte, Bryan, ed. No Apologies: A Magazine of Gay Writing (#4) w/ Norse, Goldstein, Landry, etc. Providence: Brown University, 1973.
  • Leyland, Winston. Gay Sunshine (#32; #46). San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1977; 1981-82.
  • Gresham, Randy, ed. Off the Rocks: Gay and Lesbian Writings (1: 1). Chicago: New Town Writers, 1982.
  • Mariah, Paul. Personae Non Gratae (35/50, signed by author). San Lorenzo: Shameless Hussy Press, 1971.
  • Mariah, Paul & Richard Tagett. Manroot (#9) w/ Cocteau, Genet, Ginsberg, Congdon, Duncan, Lakin, et al. South San Francisco: Manroot, 1973.
  • Bifrost, Andrew. Mouth of the Dragon. New York: Mouth of the Dragon (1: 1-12; 2: 3-5, 1974-1980). 15 of 17
  • Norse, Harold. Bastard Angel w/ Burroughs, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, etc. (#1). Oakland & San Francisco: Acharnian & Panjandrum Press, 1972.
  • Peters, Robert. Cool Zebras of Light. Santa Barbara: Christopher’s Books, 1974. (signed by author)
  • George-Murray, Richard and drawings by Mark Tambella. Lilac Cure. New York: Primrose Apathy, 1976. (signed by author)
  • Malanga, Gerard. Chic Death: Reproductions of the Death Paintings series by Andy Warhol. Cambridge: Pym-Randall, 1971.
  • Black/Out (1: 2). Philadelphia: National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays, 1986.
  • Eigner, Larry. Selected Poems (S. Charters & A. Wyatt, eds.). Berkeley: Oyez, 1972.
  • Rimbaud, Arthur & Paul Verlaine. A Lover’s Cock and Other Gay Poems (J. Murat & W. Gunn, trans,). San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1980.
  • Malanga, Gerard. 10 Poems for 10 Poets. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1970.
  • Genet, Jean. The Man Condemned to Death (Le Condamne a Mort) trans. Diane di Prima. Pirated Edition, unknown date. 234 of 300
  • Auden, W.H. The Platonic Blow. New York: The Fuck You Press, 1965. first edition one of 300
  • Miller, Alan. At the Club. Oakland: Grand Entrances Press, 1988.
  • Twain, Mark. 1601 Conversation as It was….. By the Social Fireside in the Time of the Tudors. Hollywood: Privately Printed, 1948. limited to 101 copies
  • Coote, Stephen. The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse. New York: Penguin Books, 1985.


  • Leyland, Winston, ed. Angels of the Lyre: A Gay Poetry Anthology. San Francisco: Panjandrum Press, 1975.
  • Scurrah, William L., ed. Voices Against the Wilderness: The 1983 Black Cardinal Anthology of Gay Poets. Tucson: Black Cardinal Press, 1983.
  • Wilde, Oscar. Teleny or The Reverse of the Medal. North Hollywood: A Brandon House Book, 1967.
  • Amory, Richard. Song of the Loon; Listen, the Loon Sings…; Song of Aaron. San Diego: Greenleaf Classics, Inc., 1966-1968. first PB printing 3 of 3 volumes
  • Lane, Erskine, trans. In Praise of Boys: Moorish Poems from Al-Andalus. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1975. first edition
  • Wood, Roy E. Restless Rednecks. San Francisco: Grey Fox Press, 1985
  • Preston, John Sweet Dreams. Boston: Alyson Pub. Inc., 1984 first edition PB
  • Preston, John. Entertainment for a Master. Boston: Alyson Pub. Inc., 1986 first US edition PB
  • Hansen, Joseph. Nightwork: A Dave Brandstetter Mystery. New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1984. first edition
  • Nava, Michael. Golden Boy. Boston: Alyson Pub. Inc.,1988. second printing of first edition w/ dust jacket
  • Nava, Michael. The Little Death. Boston: Alyson Pub. Inc.,1986. first edition
  • Baxt, George. The Neon Grave Yard. New York: International Polygonics, Ltd., 1989.
  • Baxt, George. The Tallulah Bankhead Murder Case. New York: International Polygonics, Ltd., 1988.
  • Baxt, George. Satan is a Woman. New York: International Polygonics, Ltd., 1987.
  • Baxt, George. “I!” Said the Demon. New York: International Polygonics, Ltd. 1987.
  • Howard-Howard, Margo. I was a White Slave in Harlem. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1988. first edition
  • Boyd, Robert N. Sex Behind Bars: A Novella, Short Stores & True Accounts. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1984. first edition
  • Silverstein, Charles & Edmund White. The Joy Of Gay Sex: An Intimate Guide for Gay Men to the Pleasures of a Gay Lifestyle. New York: Pocket Books, 1986.
  • Walters, Margaret. The Nude Male: A New Perspective. London: Paddington Press, Ltd., 1978.
  • Katz, Jonathan. Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the USA. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1976.
  • Gay Books Bulletin (#9). New York: Scholarship Committee of the New York Chapter of the Gay Academic Union, 1982.

Illustrated Books

  • Cameron, Daniel J. Extended Sensibilities: Homosexual Presence in Contemporary Art. New York: The New Museum, 1982.
  • Leyland, Winston, ed. …And Still More Meatmen: An Anthology of Gay Male Comics (#3). San Francisco: Leyland Publications, 1988. first edition


  • Postcard: The New St. Marks Baths: the Largest Bath House in the Country. 6 St. Marks Place (8th St. and 3rd Ave.) New York 212-473-7929.


  • Weaver, Victor. Straight to Hell: The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts (#49, #52, #53), New York: STH, 1983.
  • Rex. ICONS. San Francisco: Trading Post Enterprises, 1978.
  • Bijou Video Catalog. (fall/winter 89-90). Chicago: Bijou Video Sales, 1989.
  • Hazet. Homoeroticon (Band I). Copenhagen: Centrum Studio, unknown date.



  • Saint, Assoto. The Road Before Us: 100 Gay Black Poets. New York: Galiens Press, 1991. first edition first printing
  • Saint, Assotto. Here To Dare: 10 Gay Black Poets. New York: Galiens Press, 1992.


  • Tan, Joel B., ed. Queer Papi Porn: Gay Asian Erotica. San Francisco: Cleis Press, 1998. first edition PB
  • De Morant, George Soulie. Pei Yu: Boy Actress. San Francisco: Alamo Square Press, 1991.
  • Townsend, Larry. Masters” Counterpoints: A Suspense Novel. Boston: Alyson Pub. Inc.,1991. first edition first printing
  • Benderson, Bruce. Pretending to Say No: A Novella and 11 Stories. New York: Plume, 1990. signed first PB printing
  • Brass, Perry. Sex-Charge. Ridgefield: Belhue Press, 1991. first edition PB
  • Brass, Perry. Circles. Ridgefield: Belhue, 1993. signed first edition
  • Hall, Reginald L. Memoir: Delaware County Prison. Mountainside:, 2004. first printing
  • Genet, Jean. Prisoner of Love (intro. Edmund White). Hanover: Wesleyan University Press, 1992. first US edition
  • Steward, Sam. Understanding the Male Hustler. New York: Harrington Park Press, 1991.
  • Friedman, Mack. $$$$: A History of American Hustler Culture. Los Angeles: Alyson Publications, 2003. first edition
  • Conner, Randy P. Blossom of Bone: Reclaiming the Connections between Homoeroticism and the Sacred. New York: Harper Collins Publisher, 1993. first edition
  • Friedman, David M. A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis. New York: The Free Press, 2001,

Illustrated Books

  • Afanador, Ruven. Torero. Zurich: Stemmle, 2001.
  • Velez, Jr., Ivan. Tales of the Closet: Graphic Books 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8. New York: Hetrick-Martin Institute, Publisher, 1987-1992.
  • Fillion, Patrick. The Incredibly Hung Adventures of the Mighty Males. Berlin: Bruno Gmunder, 2005.


  • Sampa, Nova. Sex Droide . Sao Paulo: Nova Sampa, 1992.
  • Marconius (Mark Durham). Black on Black in Black: Funky erotic Art and Words, 2003. signed